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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Non Sequiturs As the Mechanical God of Atheism

In yesterday’s blog, Aaron Henderson of Amherst College, MA made a comment. He defends the use of the non sequiturs by those atheists who reviewed my book on Beyond, this defense, he devalues me and my book without even reading and evaluating it.

Over the last 20 months, users of non sequiturs have tried to convince me to accept non sequiturs. I will not accept non sequiturs because they are used by logicians to create a mechanical god for atheism. But the use of non sequiturs will destroy the spiritual God that the US founders authorized in the fist two paragraphs of the US Declaration of Independence. If US citizens accept non sequiturs, they should realize that non sequiturs will gain control of the American mind in wrong ways. With this mind control, the USA will be transformed into a purely materialistic and atheistic nation.

The atheistic book reviewers of my book on did not read my book before they submitted their book reviews. Had they read my book, they would have learned that only one scientific proof will be found in my book. A few other statements that follow from this proof necessarily are also identified. However, most of the writings in my book describe the widely accepted works of many personalities. So, these atheists are saying that the works of Abraham, Moses, Aristotle, Plato, Jesus Christ, Constantine, Nicholas of Cusa. Gottfried Leibniz, Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Hegel, and Georg Cantor are wrong because my descriptions of the works of these personalities are filled with non sequiturs. So, their book reviews are wrong and dishonest.

What is an Internet book store? Is it a place where the opinions of authors can be found by Americans? Or is it a place where Americans can gain political power by devaluing authors and their books? I contacted after the atheistic book reviews appeared on my book. Amazon said that these reviews are not constructive and violate its book review guidelines. So, Amazon removed these atheistic book reviews immediately. But, the atheists resubmitted their book reviews, again and again, knowing that Amazon can no longer afford to police book reviews. So, book reviews in Amazon can no longer be trusted. The reviews of my book by these atheists have also devalued me and my book with the result that Amazon sales of my book were essentially stopped.

Is the comment by Aaron Henderson merely an expression of his hidden self-interests and desire for profits? Amherst College was founded by Noah Webster, the early maker of English language dictionaries. Perhaps, Henderson and Amherst oppose my rejection of non sequiturs and my talks about the "ugly English language." But, a new dictionary is needed. Otherwise, the USA can be expected to degenerate intellectually and morally and become a third-world nation.


  • At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Hank Fuller said…

    George, you will never learn, will you?

    "He defends the use of the non sequiturs by those atheists who reviewed my book on"

    Like Mr. Henderson already told you, those atheists didn't 'use' non-sequiturs, they merely exposed the numerous non-sequiturs in your book. In other words, it was you who produced the non-sequiturs (and thus invalidating your alleged proof), not those atheists you have been falsely accusing ever since they took the time to review your book.

    "I will not accept non sequiturs because they are used by logicians to create a mechanical god for atheism. "

    Again, logicians don't 'use' non-sequiturs, they merely identify them in writings by authors like you. Many such authors appreciate their effort and go on to rectify their texts, but all you can do is complain and arrogantly dismiss their criticism.

    Incidentally, Mr. Henderson didn't write that he was affiliated with Amherst College, he only mentioned Amherst as being his hometown.

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to hank fuller,

    First, I can say the same following statement to most logicians: you will never learn what I am teaching. Its like running into a cement wall.

    But, you are trying to sell thought that I am not buying. These book reviewers did not identify any non sequiturs. That would have been a constructive review and Amazon woul have accepted these reviews.

    Why did they resubmit their non constructive review? It is clear to me that that they generalized and did not make a constructive review. I conclude that their prurose was to defend atheism by devaluing me and my book. Let's get to the truth, hank. Don't play games by saying that non sequiturs are not used. They are used and are used against authors.

    Again, I will teach the error in even thinking about non sequiturs. To my knowledge, sequiturs will be found only machines.

    The sequiture will not be found in God or in the necessary connections between God and the universe. (To my knowledge, the connection of God to the universe is found only in my book.)something new in my book." But, in this necessary connection, one will not find any sequiturs bcause the opposing concepts that make this connection 'coexist' and can be explained only by their synthesis, which is God. So, excluded middle opposites cannot be applied to this necessary connection.

    This teaching is probably boring to you because it was to the atheistic book reviewers. Their minds cannot be opened.

    As atheists, many logicians have rejected God and taken the liberty to apply logical reasoning to human life. You have the freedom to do this. But, you won't sell me on this awful thinking..

    Many professors add the name of their college or university in their comments. I wrongly assumed that Henderson was telling me that he was from Amherst College.
    So, I apologize.


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