Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

37. Dynamics Are Found In Everything

'Dynamics' is the opposing symbol of the symbol 'static.'  Static is a symbol that identifies unmoving things. Static thing appeard in the early scriptures. Stars are examples.  The symbol 'dynamic' did not appear until modern science began with Nicholas of Cusa and Galileo Galileo. The work of Galileo revealed the dynamics of things when he challenged Aristotle's belief that a vacuum is a necessary requirement for the motion of things.  Aristotle said that the motion could not occur without vacuums.  In opposition to this view of Aristotle, Galileo said that motion eliminates vacuums.  Since everything that God made are in motion in the universe, no vacuums will be found in the universe. With Galileo's work, the symbols, dynamics and static, became real opposing concepts of today's thought.

In the 1950s at John Hopkins University, I and other students were taught, for the first time, that electricity is found, for examples,  in DC (batteries) and AC (electrical lights).  These two opposing electrical concepts, led me to change analog thinking to digital thinking in the USA in the 1960s.  So with digital electronics, John Glenn's orbited planet earth for the first time. So, finding opposites is very important to every human mind.

Government, especially the GOP party, is showing their ignorance of opposites. President Obama is correct to redistribute the wealth of the USA to its people.  However, the GOP speaks against the redistribution wealth of the USA. By preventing the redistribution of the wealth of the USA, the GOP thinks of the USA as a static rich/poor nation of people. When dynamical thoughts are developed to the USA, GOP must learn that 'life after death in a rich/poor nation' should never occur. I expect to be born again is a forward moving nation.


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