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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

810. The 'one People' of the USA Has Become Divided

In the USA, the development of rich and poor people and the development of inheritances did not occur immediately after President Lincoln was assassinated. These developments occurred quietly in the U.S. Congress with silent laws that do not work properly.

Before these developments appeared, Mathew Carey (click) of Dublin, Ireland emigrated to Philadelphia in 1784.  With Ben Franklin, Carey developed a publishing firm. Further, after the peace with England, the American Economic System began to develop and, in 1832, Henry Clay presented this System to Congress. This System was expected to build a nation of one People, as Ben said and corrected in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Note. This nation of one People is like the nations that Alexander the Great produced. (click) However, this nation of one People is opposed to all nations of rich capitalists, who develop inheritances for their children but also develop many poor people.

Mathew Carey had a son, Henry C. Carey (1793-1879) (click). Henry worked with Abe Lincoln on the American Economic System with greenbacks. In 1872, Henry also wrote a book on The Unity of Law: As Exhibited in The Relations Of Physical, Social, Mental, Moral Science. On page 9 of his book, Henry Carey destroys Adam Smith's economic language because the meanings of the symbols in England are not being defined properly.

Thus, it is clear that from 1776 to today, Ben Franklin and many other Americans have learned that the English language is troublesome. So, I say that Henry's book should have been installed in a class in every high school after the English became the U.S. language. But, Henry's social science did develop in the USA by the Symbolic Interaction program. (click) But this science has not been successful. Henry's physical science has also been developed. But, this science is divided. Henry's mental science has also been developed. But this science is also divided. Finally, Henry's moral science has also been developed. But this science is also divided. These divisions exist because atheism, rich and poor people, and inheritances in the USA are growing.

Unless the people of all nations do not develop the 'one People of the USA,' wars, terrorism, and crime will grow.  This potential is just around the corner.

My books below about God and the Universe are in agreement with the work of Gottfried Leibniz:

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