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Thursday, June 16, 2016

908. TheTwelfth Summary About Benjamin Franklin

The twelfth summary of Benjamin Franklin is about the immortality of the human soul, which means that humans have the ability to live forever. Based on the immortality of human souls, The Declaration of Independence (DOI) says that 'all Men are created equal.' Since Ben Franklin said that the DOI has self-evident truths, I say that Ben would say that all male and female humans are created and reborn equally by God and that slavery is ungodly.

Since the DOI is a scientific document, after Ben died in 1790, the DOI could have been updated by people such as Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, the John Adams, etc. However, after Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe became Presidents, the DOI became a dead document. Only changes in the Constitution would be updated by Congress, Presidents, and the Supreme Court. After the death of Ben, no changes were made in the DOI until Abraham Lincoln destroyed slavery in the USA. The DOI statement of Lincoln, 'all Men are created equal,' was thus the first DOI law under science. But other DOI scientific laws must be developed.

The DOI holds scientific laws. These laws are imperfect and must be made more perfect by the States as the Preamble of the Constitution says. And the Constitution must be perfected by the Congress. Thus, saying that the DOI has no laws is a major error of Congress.

I say that the DOI statement 'all Men are created equal' must be perfected by a newer statement 'all Men are created and reborn equally . This more perfect statement rejects all races. In the USA, the rebirth of many humans by God has led, for example, to the Rockefeller family. This family of unknown humans have become many inequalities of the USA. These unequal humans become rich and thus make many people poor. It was wrong for humans to not learn Ben's knowledge of God's acts.

The DOI must make human lives more perfect in many ways so that all people in the USA and other nations become equal. It is unfortunate that many Americans did not understand the work of Benjamin Franklin to make the USA a nation under a perfect God. It is time for all nations and religions to become one religion. Orlando deaths occurred because God and life are unknown.

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