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Saturday, December 23, 2017

My Thoughts On Sea-Saws

In my comment to Allan Greene, I said that ‘It is interest and intuitions of intelligent people who unify empirical data and rational thinking. From this point on, good thinkers live on a see saw continuously in order to perfect the meanings of the empirical data symbols and the symbols used to express the theory. This is the path to the scientific laws of nature and the path to the moral laws of nature’s God.’ Here, I expand these thoughts.

When physical scientists sat on this sew-saw after modern science freed itself from the Roman Church, many different physical laws were found because six basic dimensions (charge, temperature, mass, length, time duration, and angle) appeared with secondary dimensions. (See ‘Foundations of Measurement’ by Krantz, Luce,, Suppes, and Tversky). I say that these laws are sound because these physical laws express some forms of the infrastructure of ‘life.’ So, life cannot be explained by physical laws. Thus, I believe that physicists and life scientists are wasting time and money by searching for living mechanisms in living things.

After I studied ‘Foundations of Measurement’ and many books on symbolic languages, as a hard scientist, I decided to also become a soft scientist on the crime problem at the National Institute of Justice at U.S. Department of Justice. Here, is where I began to sit on the saw that leads me to the path to the moral laws of nature’s God.’ So I say that any life scientist who sits on the see-saw of physical science can produce only half-truths. Most medical care personnel are thus producing half-truths for patients who suffer from side effects. Further, scientists who believe that criminals are born from ancestors are on the wrong see saw.

Thus, I am saying that The Reason Project must consider two different paths of thought.


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