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Friday, April 04, 2008

A Problem That Exists in Many US Colleges and Universities Today

The US Supreme Court made an error by not including the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence in the US body of US laws. After my scientific proof of God appeared, this error has caused a new problem for all US institutions. For instance, this new problem appeared in many US colleges and universities.

Long before my scientific proof appeared, nonsectarian colleges and universities had been advertising that they are nonsectarian. This advertisement means that a college or universe is separated completely from the field of religion. But this separation does not mean that the colleges and universities must also be separated from God. The USA is a nation under God as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

By email, I discussed this problem with William Brody, President of my university, Johns Hopkins. I told him that the symbols, theology and religion, are not distinguished properly. He recognized this linguistic problem when I told him that a theology is the "study’ of God whereas religion is the ‘practice’ of specific theologies.

So, I believe that the time is right for nonsectarian US colleges and universities to study the field of theology. It is also time for other US institutions, including the US government, to advance our theological knowledge. In 1776, the USA became a nation under God. But, for more than 200 years later, the USA is behaving as if God does not exist. It is time for US citizens to solve this problem so that God can be brought into our daily social lives


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