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Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor U.S. Presidential Candidates

The four republicans presidential candidates and the candidate of President Obama could be the worst candidates in the USA presidential election because none of them can make godly statements that warm the body of listeners.  Singers can warm the our bodies with ease.  But there is a reason why these candidates can't warm our bodies. Yet, my research on the scientific teachings of Jesus indicates that the thoughts of Jesuss are the 'hottest new facts in town.'

The candidates, Newt Gingrich and Rich Santorum, are members of the Orthodox Catholic Church, whose scientific teachings of Jesus were highly flawed by this church in the first and second century.

The candidate, Mitt Romney, is a member of the Mormon Church, whose teachings of Jesus were  flawed very badly by Joseph Smith.

The candidate, Ron Paul, is a member of the Lutheran Church, whose teachings on Jesus are now coming from the Orthodox Catholic Church with many flaws.

The candidate, President Obama, attends religions but is not a student of the teachings of Jesus. Thus Obama must be quiet or reduce votes.

It is clear the U.S. candidates do not know the real teachings of Jesus at all.


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