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Friday, March 16, 2012

President Obama, Abe Lincoln, and the American System of Economics

After Lincoln was assassinated, the British System of  Economics  was  installed in the USA by the free traders.  The America System of Economics(click) , which was taught by Henry Clay, was put on the shelf by the world economists, who seem to be godless..

The American System, which would be fruitful, multiply, and subdue with high technologies, is the economy being pushed by President Obama. So Obama is a follower of Lincoln.  This American System economy is made with a geometrical spiral. God made only spirals in the universe. Spirals meant God created a universe that has no end. 

All people are reborn again and do not go to any heaven after death.  All planets have a different heaven of stars. See Matt. 5:19. God does not have a heaven. God creates heavens.  He can see them all through our minds when we look into the evening sky.

The British System is a circular economy that goes into depressions regularly.  The British System is for those people who seek big riches and are godless. But becoming rich has an end because every person must die. Being reborn again means that all people will be reborn in any nation. You will never know that you lived before.

Since most people do not search for God, they can only be confused about what is true and false.


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