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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Children Molestation

Tonight, CBS/TV  on '60 Minutes discussed child molestation by priests in the Orthodox Catholic Church. The Archbishop of Dublin challenges the Church.(click)

I say that God exists. But I do not say that God judges people after they die and place them in Heaven or Hell. This God is false.  The true God gave all humans a continuous life that is eternal. Since God's Intelligent Design is filling the universe with an endless number of humans, God gave humans the natural desire to have children.  This natural desire is achieved with natural sexual activities.

So, it is natural for all priests to have the natural desire for sex.  By telling children that they will go to Heaven, in order  to satisfy the desire of a priest, is unnatural and must be made unlawful in every nation.

The Orthodox Christian Church has many other problems.


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