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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Burnings of Scriptures

This week several Qurans were burned at a military base in Afghanistan by the U.S. military.(click)  This burning led to an apology by a U.S. senior Pentagon official and President Obama.

On CNN tonight, Newt Gingrich opposed these apologies.(click)   I challenge Gingrich because he mixes together too many different political subjects. His political ideas are like soups.  When political subjects are mixed, a government cannot make good progress easily or form a more perfect Union, as the U.S. Constitution requires. The mixing of subjects by Gingrich might be typical of the Republian party.

Book burning occurred in 213 B.C. in ancient China.  Emperor Shih Huang Ti thought that by burning all of the books in his kingdom, history would start with him. Nearly 800 years later, Caliph Omar burned over 200,000 books that belonged to the legendary library at Alexandria as he conquered the area.

The Quran is a scripture.  It is thus like the Old and New Testaments. Since all scriptures are man-made, scriptures reflect man's development of knowledge about God and the universe. Since new scriptures can appear at any time and place, the burning of scriptures and other book burnings must be stopped in all nations officially.


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