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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Detailed Proof That An Inactive God Is False

Today, we are living in  period in which people are trying to determine whether God exists or does not exist.  This is not a scientific question because a thing that does not exist cannot be proven scientifically.

Thus, some people, who don't care about gaining knowledge, will likely become an atheist.  The other people, if they are open-minded, might be able to use their general thoughts to determine whether God is inactive or active.  In this blog, I will try to help those people who are open minded, are non-scientists, but have questions that science can answer.

With idolatry, God does not exists because it followers say that God terraformed himself into things.  So, idolatry had to be challenged and it was Abraham who determined that God exists and is One.  His monotheism was the first step toward the truths of God. In order to find more truths about God, the meaning of word 'one' can be connected to counting words, such as two, three, four, etc. Or the word 'one' can be connected to related words such as parts, wholes, etc..

If I use the word 'parts,' the word one either has no parts or has parts. If God has no parts, we can't add a relational truth to God's one.  The Jews and Christians say that God has a Son (or Lord). Thus, they are saying that God has parts. This saying is false because only things in the universe has parts. 

The Jewish and Christianity belief that God has parts was been challenged ever since 500 B.C. when Anaxagoras found that God One has no parts.  The greatest challenge against the belief of the Jews and Christians came from Jesus, who learned and taught that God's One has no parts.

When Jesus taught that God has no parts, a skilled scientist will understand the teaching of Jesus.  Such a scientist will say that Jesus also taught that God acted and creates the Universe. But only a very good scientist will say that God's One never changes.  This scientist will also say that God can act and did act by using his own 'non-exhaustible attributes' to form a universe that changes and never ends.

On reading, I suggest 'The Gnostic Gospels' by Elaine Pagels.  This book will be helpful to scientists and non-sientists.


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