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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More On the Beginning of Christianity and the Last Real Christian Church

This blog continues the blog of yesterday.

Yesterday, I said that Church of the East is aligned to the works of Anaxagoras, Plato, Alexander the Great, Nestorianism, Nestorius, and the teachings of Jesus, who is not the Son of God. It is thus clear that this Eastern church does believe in the God of Anaxagoras, the God of Plato, the God of Alexander the Great, and the God of Jesus. Thus, the Church of the East was also the church of Muhammad when he died, since he was a follower of Nestorius and Jesus.

However, after Muhammad died, his relatives and some crafty Jews formed a new religion by making a new scripture. This new scripture is the Qur'an.  (In my discussion of the problems of scriptures, I report these crafty Jews on p. 77 of my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God.')

As I said before, teachers are always wiser than their students. This is why I say that the gospels of the New Testament are filled with errors about  Jesus and his teachings. The same kind of errors must be expected in the Qur'an by Muhammad's relatives and these crafty Jews.

The potential errors in the Qur'an are great because the Qur'an turned the followers of Muhammad away from teachings of Muhammad, the teachings of Jesus and the God of Anaxagoras.  These errors were great because a new religion was formed and was aligned to the God of the Jewish Pharisees.

The formation of Islam with the Qur'an scripture is a religious disaster because the God of Anaxagoras and Muhammad are the same God but are very different than the God of the Jewish Pharisees.

I conclude that the Muslims and all Western Christian churches have developed a problem with God because they are teaching the God of the Jewish Pharisees. This Jewish God has a universe that ends.


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