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Sunday, January 08, 2012

When I Pray (to God), I Reason Perceptions Such As 'All Rights'

After the USA became a new nation in 1776, Abe Lincoln became the first President to say that the  the Declaration of Independence (DOI) is part of the body of U.S. laws. Many people say that Lincoln went to war to save the Union and end slavery.(click)  But I say that Lincoln's mind was focused on higher ideas --- the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the social contract theory of Locke.

In 2011, historians said, "while slavery and its various and multifaceted discontents were the primary cause of disunion, it was disunion itself that sparked the Civil War."(click)

I believe that Lincoln's mind also saved the following DOI statements:  Laws of Nature's God and all Men are created equal. Both statements define all U.S. rights:  (1) the Rights of the People, which come from God;  (2) the Rights of the federal government, which come from the People;  and (3) the Rights of the States, which come from the federal government.

I believe that Unions are not understood by humans because they can't find God. They can't find God because our perceiving abilities are too weak to sense an infinite God. To  find God and understand Unions, a person must lift their mind upwardly to higher and higher lines of reasoning. If you reason, God knows you because your mind's lines of reasoning are unifying your perceptions. When you  reason your perceptions, you are praying to God mentally.

So, here is some reasoning information about Unions that humans have created for God. The Union of the USA was identified in the first statement of the DOI by the founders as 'the People.' The Union of the USA was identified again as 'the People' in the first statement of the Preamble of the Constitution. This statement says, 'We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union,...'


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