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Monday, January 02, 2012

We Must Develop a New Form of Human Life

After people developed a belief and faith in God,  power-seeking leaders identified many different theologies, built a religion, and built places for worship.  In 2012, it is now time to agree that only one God exists, that only one religion exists, and that prayer can occur at any time and place.

If all people on this planet make this change now, the people in all nations must become equal. This equality must occur because after death every human being will be reborn and will not be reborn at the same place.  This rebirth is necessary because life-after-death cannot occur in God, as many religions teach, because God is one and thus has no parts. It seems that the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam did not know this fact.

The minds of the people in these three religions are clearly degenerating because science is not being applied.  For instance, (1) Judaism still teaches an inactive God;  (2) Christianity still teaches about the Virgin Mary an the savior of Jesus; and, (3) Islam still teaches the submission of the human mind to the will of God.

If this new form of  human life is not developed with democracies, wars on this planet cannot be stopped. My new human life will build peace and will prevent all these wars..


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