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Monday, December 26, 2011

More About Mount Athos

In scriptures, religions develop a system of symbols.  These symbols are given meaning so that students know how to  understand God with words. But a system of symbols is more different than the monks at  Mount Athos think.

The fields of religions lure members to the meanings of religious words so that more people give money to religions, such as the religion at Mount Athos. But this flow of money can develop human problems.  For instance, the religious  symbols developed by the monks at Mount Athos say that they will live with God in Heaven after death. Today, these symbols are false because an infinite God has no place in which Spirits or humans can live.

Tonight,  a person said that the monks at Athos are free to communicate their own symbols to God. I disagreed with this statement because all symbols developed by humans have different meanings. Since humans can only improve the meanings of symbols over time, humans can never develop a true system of symbols.  This is why the development of  national lnguage is very difficult and never perfect. 

So, the symbols used by the monks at Mount Athos are never perfect and can only be improved.


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