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Sunday, December 25, 2011

It Is Time to Reveal the Real Truths About Jesus

All scriptures are man made.  Accordingly, all scriptures are filled with errors because man's mind is always reasoning and cannot find any precise truths about God.

So, when the Jews did not understand the new active God that Jesus was teaching, they had the Romans hang Jesus on the Cross.  This  act of the Romans and Jews was a crime and did not save Christians because the new God that Jesus had been teaching is still unknown today.

A teacher, for instance, a teacher such as Jesus, is not able to teach students perfectly. So, after Jesus died, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John made four gospels based on what they learned from Jesus. But they never learned everything that Jesus knew.  So they filled the New Testament with errors about the new active God that Jesus had been taught.

So, the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Qur'an must be restudied and compared with the  truths that Jesus taught about an active God and the truths that I have identified about an active God and His Intelligent Design.

Today is a day the reminds us of the work of Jesus. On this day, I also remind people  --- of the crime that the Romans and Jews committed against Jesus long ago. This crime stopped man's learning about an active God. But this ugly crime also stopped the development of reason and freedom for fifteen centuries with Aristotle's logic.


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