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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Project Reason of Sam Harris,et al

In the 12/20/11 blog, I speak about the universe that an active God creates.  This universe has no end and thus raises our reasoning abilities to higher and higher thoughts. I say that Plato teaches this reasoning ability.

The opposition to this teaching of Plato is a new 'Project Reason' that was founded recently by Sam Harris of the USA. (click) This new reasoning project says that its purpose is to spread science and secular values. (click)

The new project reason is luring atheists and religious people.  The atheists and religious people say that the universe comes to an end. This universe came from a Big Bang thing and moves like the billiard ball theories of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. The  religious people also believe that God exists and has a Heaven for them. This God is thus inactive and has become the God of all Jews, many Christians, and some Muslims.

The secular values of this reasoning project come from the cultures of Darwin's evolutionary theory. So this project is changing the the USA and is destroying the rights that come from an active God.

I say that this new reasoning project is false. I  also say that this project is confusing the minds of humans; is dividing religions; is changing political thoughts; and is confusing Supreme Court decisions.

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