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Monday, December 12, 2011

VI. A 2011 Smmary of the U.S. Democracy

On the 2011 Summary of the U.S. Democracy yesterday, I said that the U.S. conservatives promote States Rights. They want State Rights  because they do not want the Union to become socialistic.

However, if the Union is to be perfected, as the U.S. Constitution demands, the development of  socialism cannot be impeded. Man has always developed social projects. Examples are roads, bridges,  hospitals, sewers, reservoirs, etc. Thus, to  perfect a Union of people, we must measure all new changes relativistically because the only perfect standard is God.

Today, the U.S. Republicans and Democrats are debating 'jobs for U.S. people.' The Democrats say that U.S. jobs should be created by lowering the wealth of the the top rich class by increasing their taxes. But the Republicans reject this Democratic proposal and say that the jobs should be created by increasing the wealth of businesses, which reduces  business taxes.

The relationship between the increased taxes of the rich class and the U.S. jobs is precise.  But the relationship between reduced business taxes and the U.S. jobs is unknown.

Measuring relationships between realities is the right way to develop a democracy under God.

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