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Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Minds of Jews and Christians Are Closed.

Yesterday's blog says that God is the only thing whose freedom is maximum, pure, and absolute. In that blog we also learn that the freedoms of all other things are limited in different ways. These other things are (1) humans, (2) animals, (3) plants, and (3) mechanical things.  Thus, it is now clear that the minds of humans are highly confused about the world in which we live. Humans are also confused about animals and plants .  On the other hand, humans have developed lots of knowledge  about mechanical things.

The most confused human beings are those people who do not understand the mind that God gave them and how God expects their mind to function. Nor do these confused people understand the different minds of animals, plants, and mechanical things and how God expects these minds to function.

In the Western world, the most confused humans are Christians and Jews, who use their mind mostly to learn the Bible. When taught, they learn that God has a Heaven in which they expect to live after death. They also learn that God has a Son. However, these two ancient teachings of the Bible are  being challenged by the modern minds of humans. Because of these challenges, the world has stopped and wars are forming.

On Nov. 4, 2005, the Vatican said that 'science' has a place in the church.' My research on Jesus says that most teachings of Jesus are scientific.  My research also says that God is infinite.  It is time for Christians to open their minds.


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