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Friday, December 02, 2011

World Money Systems

Again, euro money has become unstable and is oscillating, for example, around the U. S. dollars.(click)  At this time, euro money has become unstable in Greece.

However, I say that a money system for a free market economy can never be stabilized.  I also say that a stabilized money system cannot be made to develop socialism. The only stabilized money system that can be built will be found in the sound understanding of an active God that I am developing on this website. This understanding was expressed on the pyramid of the U.S. dollar. (click)

To stabilize a money system, I say that the people of a nation must first become godly thinkers.  Then, they must become workers of godly social projects and explorers of the cosmos and its infrastructures. Love, full employment, and simple human life will achieve the goals of a highly stabilized money system.


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