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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Are Leading Their People Into Hell

After Abraham rejected idolatry, in 500 BC. Anaxagoras found a new alternative to idolatry. (God and Universe are one)  Plato confirmed this finding with his Parmenides Dialogue.(One and Other are one) The Gospel of St. John indicates that Jesus studied this Greek alternative after age12 and began to teach this alternative at age 30 to Jews.

However, the Bible did not unify the Old Testament and the New Testament. They are too different because the Jewish God is inactive whereas the Christan God is active. Thus, when the Qur'an was made, three very different religions were cast into concrete. Thus, when the logic of Aristotle was accepted by the Roman courts, these three religions controlled the Middle Ages for fifteen centuries. The Middle Age was ended by the great work of Nicholas of Cusa.

However, six centuries have now passed since Cusa ended the awful Middle Ages. At this time, these three Western religions are not changing the concrete on which they stand.  But all three religions are bbeginning to lose members because their scriptures are being challenged. This loss is forming a non-religion called atheism. If this loss continues to grow, the people of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will be pushed into Hell, which is the dark matter..


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