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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Ownerships Are Ungodly

All land and minerals were made by God.  Thus,, land and minerals cannot be owned by any person or organization of people. Before the colonists went to war against England, colonists could have land, but could not own it, and colonists could mine minerals, but could not own the land.  For instance, the governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia held these laws firmly.

So , when the colonists went to war against England, the colonists accepted the social contract theory of John Locke. Unfortunately, Locke's theory says that free people must own land.  I conclude that this ownership was a major error of Locke's social contract theory because U.S. people are allowed to buy and sell land in order to make land and mineral profits.

Today, land and mineral ownerships are ruining all nations. For example, in the USA I learned that a chicken producing corporation reduced its taxes in order to increase profits and purchase a mountain so he and friends could relax and play poker. The mountain never produced any chickens. Today's country clubs and inheritances are also created by increased profits and reducing taxes by businesses.

Owing things that that were made by God are inconsistent with God's Intelligent Design.


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