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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The LaRouche Economy vs.Today's World Economies

The LaRouche/Riemann economy and today's world economies are as different an the night and day.  They are different because the economy of LaRouche and Riemann is always driving a nation into  the future, as the U.S. founders said in the Constitution and requires federal government to form a more perfect Union.  This economy is also consistent with an active God, who is eternal, made the best of all universes, and has no reason to end the universe.

Today's world economies are unlike the economy of LaRouche and Riemann because many people in the world still believe that they are reborn again in the Heaven of God. But I show that God does not  exist in any heaven.  The heavens that God and we  can see are in our finite universe.  So, many people want an economy that gives them mlives of riches.  This economy aligns to the godless world of atheism or the deism of an inactive God. LaRouche believes that the USA is turning to fascism.

So, the economy of LaRouche and Riemann must be used if it is true that people are reborn again by an active God.  And today's world economies must be used if theism and deisms are true.

In the U.S. today, most presidential Republican candidates are fighting for the economy for atheism and deism.  It seems that the exception is Rick Santorum, a catholic from Pennsylvania who wants to eliminate the poverty of the poor class. On the other hand, President Obama will be fighting for the economy of LaRouche and Riemann, even though he didnt study the LaRpuche/Riemann economy. Obama's stimulation work indicates that some work in a nation produces infrastructures and does not always produce profits.

It is thus time to unify the national works on infrastructures and profits.


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