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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ungodly Scientists Hide the Work of Scientists Other Than Galileo

In yesterday's blog, I show that Galileo's work on 'indivisibles' have been hidden for a long time by the world's ungodly scientists. In the USA, I believe that most of these ungodly scientists are found in colleges and universities that do not teach  the two major theories of a God (inactive and active).

It is important to teach new students about these two major theories because both Gods are infinite and must use indivisibles and divisibles to create a universe. Since these infinite Gods creates a finite universe, a God must use a contraction process. In his book On Learned Ignorance (click), Nicholas of Cusa tells us that God creates things by using  His own 'attributes.'  For instance, God contracts His Oneness by plurality in order to create all indivisibles.  And God contracts His Infinity by finitude in order to create all divisibles. So, when God creates, God creates a plurality of indivisible things first.  Then God creates a a finitude of divisible things next.

But other scientific works on indivisibles and divisibles have been hidden by these ungodly scientists.. Following Galileo, we find that the concepts of indivisibles were applied by Gottfried Leibniz.  Leibniz uses indivisibles in his paper on Monadology.(click)   And Leibniz uses divisibles in his infinitesimal calculus, which is taught is every high school today.

Following Leibniz, we find that the concepts of indivisibles are applied by Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) in his paper, On the Hypotheses Which Lie At the Foundation of Geometry. (click)In Riemann's paper, Bertrand Russell learned that all geometries in the universe begin with  indivisibles and are then studied as geometrical divisibles with the integration of Leibniz's calculus.  This is why Russell wrote against Christianity.

Following Riemann, we find indivisibles being used in the field of mathematics by Georg Cantor (1845-1918).  His major work is found in his 1883 paper on Grundlandlagen.(click)

Finally, the concepts indivisible and divisible will be found very often  in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God .  I use them because they are the major concepts in the creation of the universe by an active God.

It is time for ungodly scientists to open their eyes and minds to all of these works.


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