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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why National Goals Are Not Developing in Any Nation

Today, some specific goals are being sought by all all nations. For instance, in the USA, new goals in education exist because U.S. children are no longer  ranked high in science and mathematics.  Hwever, at this time, I do not know of any nation that is developing long term national goals.

National goals do not appear in any nation yet  because bankers, economists, leaders, and wealthy people do not consider God in their thoughts.  Their thought prevent the developments of all nations under God. Such a development did not occur in the USA even after the colonists founded a nation under God in 1776.  This development did not occur because U.S. citizens placed their freedom above God. Here again, humans are making errors because they don't understand the philosophy of symbolism.

When we use our language to describe God, we  must distinguish God from us because God is an infinite thing whereas we are finite things.  For instance, when we use the word 'freedom,' we can say that God is absolutely free.  When we make this statement, we must say that we are relatively free. So, humans are never absolutely free. In the USA, this is why we are not free to say 'Fire' in a theater.

When people know that our freedom is limited, they will learn that we must develop national goals now.  We can't wait for planet earth to die before we  start to make national goals.


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