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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Developing Democracies Everywhere

In the USA, the People and its government do not know how to develop a democracy. The People are unable to know what a democracy is because (1) their major political parties are separated too far and could develop an ugly logic in politics; (2) their Congress has become dysfunctional; (3) their social projects have been stopped and Congress might not authorize such projects again; (4) they do not know or understand an active God; and (5) religions still teach that life after death is possible only with God in Heaven.

Since 'business' forms one of the largest group of effective people in the USA, it could influence greatly the development of the U.S. democracy.  So, I suggest that 'schools of business management' (click) at colleges and universities be expanded so that new students study democracies and become new leaders. If the school of business management is expanded, foreign students could be invited in order to make sure that all democracies become identical throughout the world.

Today, democracies are developing throughout the world.  As democracies increase in number, peace moves forward and decreases the wars that we must avoid. New 'leaders in democracy' are necessary because the parts of a  'democracy' must be reasoned and can be found only with causes and effects.


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