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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The single and eternal world of 'God and the Universe,' which was identified first by  Anaxagorax and Plato, was detected by Jesus and taught. When Jesus taught this new world, he taught that each thing, including God, are 'in' each other.
Because logic gained control over the minds of the people of the Western world during the Middle Ages, the New Testament teachings of Jesus about 'God and the Universe' were interpreted poorly by  Christians and their leaders. Unfortunately, many of these misinterpretations are taught widely today.  One misinterpretation is 'the second coming of Jesus Christ.'

Since Jesus is not both a creator and creature, the second coming of Jesus Christ is a false statement. (for example)  In the world of 'God and the Universe'  all humans are reborn after death with a new and different body.  The rebirth of Jesus with a new and different body has occurred often after his murder on the Cross.

When the teachings of Jesus are studied by me, I conclude that most of the teachings of Jesus are scientific and will not be understood by non-scientists.

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