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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Always Making Friends

When the Western Christians divided themselves from the Eastern Christians, they would soon become an enemy of a Christian, whose name was Nestorius (386-451).(click)  Nestorius denied the birth of Jesus by the Virgin Mary and the adoption of Jesus as God's Son.  Thus, he accepted only the full humanity of Jesus. Since Muhammad became a follower of Nestorianism, the Western Christians and Islam would become new enemies as the modern period emerged.  So, world wars are forming unless these enemies are destroyed.

I believe that the Western Christians and the Muslims can become very friendly if both religions reinterpret their scriptures and bring them into the newly developing symbolic language of the modern world so theycan come into the immediate agreements --- (1) that God and the Universe is one and eternal, (2) that this single world had no beginning and has no end, and (3) that man lives after death.

In this single world, no human will ever know that he or she lived before. No human will ever know where he or she will be reborn after death.  For this reason, God or the Son of God would never be born or reborn in order to judge humans.

The God and Universe is the best of all possible worlds that   God would create. So, making friends is always a necessary human activity.

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