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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keep Logical Minds Away From Democracies

TV is telling us that Egyptian generals and military personal are murdering people of Egypt logically. Yet, these people became free so that a democracy could be developed. Since murder is not lawful in any phase of the development of a democracy, these generals and their military personnel must be charged with murder. If they are not charged, a democracy will not develop in Egypt.

I believe that the founders of the USA did a great job in defining a democracy and its laws.  But the U.S. democracy and its laws are still developing using logic. For instance, a small number of logical citizens still control the U.S laws, the U.S. money system, and future of the USA. Such controls are wrong in a democracy.

I believe that 'all freed people' must start to work together on the development of democracies so that 'the  democracy' is defined properly, in all nations under the same God.  We must come together on the development of democracies because we are not developing new knowledge of the cosmos and we are not responding to the teaching of Jesus on the darkening of the sun of our planet.

History is speaking to us. When the Middle Ages opened with the ugly logical thinking of Aristotle, man stopped the development of new knowledge. Then, in the 15th century, the Middle Ages was ended by the new knowledge of Nicholas of Cusa.  However, after man landed on the moon, the logic of Aristotle reentered and the development of new knowledge stopped again.  When will the people smell the stink of logic used by the few controllers of people?

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