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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

An Atheist Comes Only From Ignorance

In yesterday's blog, I show that U.S. laws do not limit the atheists from destroying the work of theists, who are unifying the fields of science and theology. This unity is necessary in any nation that is building a futuristic democracy and a spiritual People, who expect to live forever in the cosmos.

Instead of limiting atheists, theists are being limited.  For instance,  the U.S. government has limited the theists by removing prayers in public schools. Now, the atheists want to limit theists more. For instance, in the Pledge of Allegiance, the atheists want government to remove the words 'one nation under God.' In money, the atheists want government to remove the words 'In God We Trust.' And, the atheists want historical facts of man, like the Ten Commandments, to be removed from parks and government buildings.

The limiting of the theists by the atheists and government must be reversed because the atheists will never prove that God does not exist. It is not possible for man's mind to sense a thing that does not exist. Yet, man's mind can sense all things that exist. When I found that every finite thing  is originated in an infinite thing, I found all things that exist.

It is clear that a person is not born as an atheist. Thus, an atheist can come only from ignorance.An atheist can thus find God only with knowledge.

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