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Monday, October 03, 2011

The Fall of the ScienceBloges and the Good Math, Bad Math Websites

On 11/5/07, Mark Chu-Carroll, a scientist who works for Google, posted some words about my thoughts, about Georg Cantor, and their opinions of my behavior. (click)  I saw these words for the first time yesterday, even though it was posted over a year after "The First Scientific Proof of God" was published by me and the atheists were attacking it.  I bring these words to the attention of my current readers because they shows how scientists and atheists want to destroy all scientific proofs of God and stop the development of new number systems, such as (1) the infinitesimals of Riemann's geometry and (2) Cantor's transfinite numbers.

The Good Math, Bad Math website (click) is operated by Chu-Carroll.  This website is  connected to the major atheistic website, ScienceBlogs. (click)    If Chu-Carroll had known that the speed of the neutrino is greater than the speed of light, he would have looked deeper into the work of Riemann and Cantor before posting these words.  I expect these websited to fall.

I never had to wait for CERN's recent finding because my scientific proof of God says that all finite things can come only from an infinite God. Thus, the photon could not exist if it did not have an infinite number of infinitesimal parts.

It is not clear whether Chu-Carroll read Cantor. If he did, he would see in Cantor's '1883 Grundlagen' paper that two infinities exist.  One is determined and belongs to God.  The other is undetermined and belongs to all finite things. These two infinities will give success to people.

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