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Thursday, September 29, 2011

CERN's Findings and the Work of Louis de Broglie and Gottfried Liebniz

In 1924,Albert Einstein and others endorsed the wave-particle duality.  This duality was proposed by Louis de Broglie of France. The duality states that 'any moving thing has an associated wave.' This duality was extended by de Broglie to all things, physical particles, crystals, and their laws of nature. In 1929, de Broglie received a Nobel Prize for creating this new field of thought in physics.(click)

However, de Broglie was opposed to the probabilistic models of today's physical atoms. I agree because all nations need real clean fusion energy now.  So, de Broglie sought the causes and effects of things as well as their waves. In atoms, he said 'that a particle must be the seat of an internal periodic movement and that it must move in a wave in order to remain in phase.'

Thus, de Broglie viewed the neutrino and the photon differently than other physicists. He says that they have rest masses that are non-zero, though very low. Therefore, de Broglie thought that the masses of all atoms differ and are variables. By rejecting the massless photon, he said that the universe does not expand. So, the thoughts of de Broglie are aligned to the Intelligent Design of the universe, to the active God, and the teachings of Jesus.

Interestingly, de Broglie accepted the principle of least action of Fermat and Maupertuis. I often speak of Maupertuis' principle of least action because it aligns to the space and time defined by Gottfried Leibniz  The principle of least action causes motion of every indivisible and divisible things that I use in my theory of 'God and the Universe.'  All motions in my world theory are thus identical to the rays of the waves in the universe.

If the school of physics does not accept God and the work of de Broglie and Leibniz, I say that the school of physics must be closed. I also say that the Big Bang theory and atheism must be rejected.  Now, it is also time for U.S. democrats and republicans to remove the many falsites from their minds.

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