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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Else Have We Learned From the CERN Finding?

CERN recently learned that that the speed of a neutrino is greater than speed of light of a photon. From CERN's finding, I learned that an active God exists and can be proven scientifically. However, CERN's finding is telling us other information.

For instance, we are told on the Internet that a photon is a bundle  (or quantum) of electromagnetic (or light) energy.(click)  This view of the photon is incomplete because it only telling us about the wave view. However, there is another view of the photon. The other view is called the ontological view. In this view, the photon is viewed as a being or a thing.

As a thing, I view the photon as an divisible thing that comes from a system of indivisible thing that are immortal.  All of these indivisible things are 'in' each other.  Being  'in' each other, they will becomee functionally related.  All divisible things, such as the photon, thus have an infinite number of parts.  This other view of the photon is greater than the wave view because we can see clearer how God is creating the cosmos.

When scientists limit their view to the wave view, the scientist will make a major error and will become an atheist.

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