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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cause/Effect Relation of Capitalism and Socialism

The U.S. economists view capitalism and socialism as opposites. So, they that say that capitalism is true and conclude that socialism must be false and is like communism. This view comes from  atheistic scientists, who say that humans are mechanical things that originate in physical matter. But in my 9/19/11 blog, I show that humans are not free and are not mechanical things.

Politically, the republicans and their friends in the very rich class follow these atheistic scientists and the reason project of Sam Harris. These republicans follow Darwin's evolutionary theory because they believe that criminals are born. Some republican  articles charge President Obama with crime because he is black.
God did not make mechanical humans. God also did not make absolutely free humans. Instead, God  made intelligent humans. With an intelligent mind, humans can make more intelligent decisions as time passes.
As a human, I use my godly intelligence to unify capitalism and socialism so that capitalism becomes 'the cause of all social projects in a nation.'  This is how a nation becomes 'a more perfect Union,' which is required in the U.S. Constitution.
To prevent national debts and make 'more perfect nations,' capitalism must become the private coin in the ' federal reserve system' of every nation.  To make more perfect nations, the trading among nations can occur through bartering.
As seen, human freedom, capitalism, and socialism have been  'smokey subjects' too long.

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