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Monday, September 12, 2011

More On the Cancer Problem of the NYC Firemen

Those NYC firemen, who breathed lots of dust in their work at the 9-11 event ten years ago, need advice to save themselves from cancer.

First, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not help any cancer patient because the FDA treats patients only with  the mechanistic science of the National Institutes of Health, which is based on a godless universe. This godless universe is false but will likely treat the firemen with an anti-toxic chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this therapy will destroy good cells as well as cancer cells, which will weaken the fireman.

Second, an active God gives life by connecting a Spirit to an infrastructure that is called 'body.'  This Spirit and body forms a person, who has an infinite number of parts. This Spirit is in contact with all of these parts. Mother nature cares for a person for nine months. Then, good and bad eating becomes 'the way a person lives.'

Third, if a NYC fireman believes in God, an alternative medicine doctor should be contacted because  alternative medicines and positive thinking can stop the loss of good functioning cells.  They can also strengthen the good functioning cells and can reduce the number of poor functioning cancer cells. Positive thinking is important because the Spirit is in contact with every cell.
Finally, if a fireman dies as a result of the 9-11 dust, an active God will give the fireman a new body. As seen, life never stops.

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