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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Word Freedom andd Its Relation to God

The word 'freedom' is used often by people.  But many people use words without knowing that the meaning of words depend on the beliefs of atheism or theism.

For instance, in atheism, the word freedom will not produce any oppositions because atheists say that all things in the universe have mechanical causes.  So, using the word freedom to identify the word  slavery is improper.  Instead, it was proper for Abe Lincoln to destroy the word  'slavery' from the human life of free Americans..

However, in theism, the meaning of the word freedom changes.  For instance, God is free, that is  has independence and is not caused. So, God's independence can produce an opposing word that we call 'dependence.' This word is found in all created things that are caused by God.

The words 'independence' and 'dependence' are not related logically, as logical oppositions are found among created things and are called 'either/or' relations.  Instead, the words independence and dependence are related rationally and are called 'both/and' relations.

I have defended God against atheism and atheistic scientists for years after publishing my book in 2006 on 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' Maybe, this blog on freedom will open the minds of these atheists and scientists on the relations between God and all created things in the universe.

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