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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Our Modern View of History Places Jesus in the Goup of 'Big Thinkers'

Although my research rejects Jesus as 'the One and Only Son of God,'  I placed Jesus in the Group of 'Big Thinkers' when I began to develop my knol website. (Part A II) I placed Jesus among the great thinkers because he rejected the Jewish God and was teaching the Intelligent Design of God and teaching the different finite and infinite worlds that form one eternal world. At my 9/4/10 blog, I discuss these two worlds.

My research concluded that Jesus went to Greece at age 12.  There. Jesus studied the thoughts of Greek philosophers. When he returned to his Jewish home at age 30, it is clear in the New Testament that he came home with a new and difficult theory about God.  This theory had been found in 500 Anaxagoras, who says that 'each thing in each thing.'  Unfortunately, the word 'in" does not become scientific until 'functional relations' are discovered in the 18th century. 

I believe that this new theory was considered by Plato and produced his higher ideas.  These ideas might have influenced Jesus. But Aristotle's logic turned the Roman Church away from the new theory.  I conclude that logic stopped the development of the thoughts of Plato and Jesus.

At Matt 10:30 Jesus says 'the very hairs of your head are all numbered.' This statement is important to the new theory because all created finite things are numbered and countble.  However,  God is not numbered because God and all of God's attributes are infinite and uncountable.

Since St. John was a Greek, he recorded many of  teachings that Jesus spoke about on the new theory of Anaxagoras (eg., see John  6:56 &10:38). However, St. John can confuse the reader.  For instance, at 10:30, John says. 'I and my Father are one.' To be correct, John had to generalize and say what Jesus would have said ---  'All things and my Father are one.'

I believe that the theory of Anaxagora is now ready to be develop.  I started this development at the 9/4/10 blog.  I encourage others.

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