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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Libyan Freedom Fighers

From an American, congratulation goes to those Libyans who made another new free nation.  But when they form the new founding documents, I hope the Libyan fighters do not repeat what the Iraq fighters did.  The Iraq fighters did not create a new nation with the Lockean social contract.

The Lockean social contract was made by the founders of the USA.  The U.S. founders mate this social contract by creating the following documents: (1) a Declaration of Independence with Locke's 'Society' defined and (2) a Constitution with Locke's Government defined. Thus, Locke's social contract has two parts, which are now known as the private sector (Society) and public sector (Government).

Without Locke's social contract, a democracy will not develop because a 'rich class' will form another dictator.



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