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Monday, August 22, 2011

NEWS XII, 60 Minutes

All three  '60 Minute' programs last evening are of interest to me and this website.

The first program is 'The Espionage Act: Why Tom Drake was indicted.' My interest is Drake's interaction with the 'United States Office of the Independent Counsel'(click) and the counsel's lack of Drake's request to act before the 6/11/01 event occurred in NYC.  My past real experience with the Independent Counsel in the 1990s is that this counsel is political and is an ineffective function in the U.S. government. I say that government and white collar crimes must be identified and defined by Congress.

The second program is 'Chilean miners rescued, but were they saved?' The miners feared death for 69 days. However, the mind can develop many psychological problems because the mind is measuring internal events of the Spirit continually as well as measuring the environmental events.  These miners require considerable healh care.

The third program is 'Archbishop Dolan: New face of the church?' Timothy called the American Pope and is the nation's most prominent pulpit. He is conservative and believes that the Catholic Church must be permanent and make no changes such as child sex abuse. Since only God is absolute, the permance that Golan seeks is impossible. Many conservatives make the same political and religious error because they do not understand the 'symbols' of our national language.



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