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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Rejections of Christianity

In yesterday's blog,  I present a view of God that was developed by Nicholas of Cusa. In his view of God, Cusa uses three new attributes of God: one, equality, and union.

However, Cusa maintained the 4 th century  attributes of God --- 'Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.'  He explains his position on the 4th century attributes of God in Bk. III, Ch. Two of his book 'On Learned Ignorance.' (click)  By maintaining the 4th century attributes of God, Cusa says that God is both Creator and Creature. In BK. III, Ch. Four of his Learned Ignorance, Cusa says that Jesus is God and man.

In my scientific work on the theory of God, I accept Cusa's three new attributes of God so that I can form a single world, which consists of God and all created things. I use three opposing concepts ---many, difference, and relation --- to form this single world. I conclude that the mind of Cusa was unable to work with dialectical concepts at his time because 'functional relations' were still hiding at his time.

My single world has a higher and lower world. These two worlds are distinguished completely and cannot be compared because the higher world is infinite and the lower world is finite. My single world thus rejects the following ideas: (1) the idea of the 4th century attributes of God; (2) the idea that God is both Creator and Creature; (3) the idea that Jesus is both God and man; (4) the idea that Jesus is the only Son of God; and (5) the idea that the universe comes to an end . 

My research on the teachings of Jesus confirms my five rejections.

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