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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Has the History of Humans Been Stopped?

The history of the early work of humans on planet earth was natural. Human beings are developers and have built knowledge about God and nations. An important part of this history was the early appearance of small social unites.  In these social unites, one person became the God King.

Out of these social unites came large nations, scriptures, new Gods, religions, kings, and slaves. Then, free nations came. With free nations came atheists, who divide people and bury God. The appearance of atheists brought a U.S. problem that many humans cannot accept.

For instance, atheists can be accepted in a nation that accepts as inactive God.  With such a God, the universe had a beginning and thus has an end. In this kind of nation, life after death occurs only once, when a Son of God comes and judges people. Atheists don't care about these judgments because they reject life after death.

On the other hand, atheists cannot be accepted in a nation that has an active God.  With such a God, God and the universe have always existed.  In this nation, new lives are given continuously to every person after death.  Thus, all humans in this kind of nation are Sons of Man and develop new forms of human lives on planet earth and other planets. My research says that Jesus Christ taught the active God.

In the USA, many people have accepted atheism. But atheism and the U.S. Supreme Court are impeding the development of higher forms of human life in the U.S. because the Intelligent Design of an active God must be taught continuously to U.S. government workers and to children in public schools.,LAST_24_HOURS


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