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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inheritances Can Decrease the U.S. National Debt

If one investigates the rich class of the USA, one learns that wealthy families exist (see the list click).  Also, see the Morgan family (click). Some of these families hold the following beliefs:  (1) that bloodlines exist and (2) that inheritances are based on moral laws of God.  I say that both beliefs are false.

The inheritances of most family members are usually placed into 'silos of banks' by lawyers and other specialists. (click)  Since many family members have little to say about their inheritances,  these lawyers and specialists can impact the money system of the USA. Since inheritances are not accepted by Jesus Christ, these silos present money problems for all nations.

The inheritances of some families will be found in the 'three silos of cancer,' chemotherapy (click) , radiation therapy (click), and surgery.  So, wealthy families can earn lots of money in the USA because we have many cancer patients.

However, those medical doctors who serve cancer patients do not know that God's existence has been proven.  Thus, they do not know that God is active and has created humans by making all of them  'wholes.'  Since an active God is infinite, all humans thus have an infinite number of parts.

Thus, people should not eat wrong food because the God-made parts of a person can be damaged and  lead to death.  These wealthy families can become godly if they use their silo of wealth to help prevent cancer. If cancer is stopped, the U.S. national debt will be lowered.


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