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Saturday, July 23, 2011


The development of the U.S. democracy has come to a point in time when the different parties cannot find agreements. Yesterday, the debate between  John Boehner and President Obama made no progress because God and science are not being used by Boehner and the republicans. 

On behalf of the republicans and the Tea Party, Boehner proposes (1) a large tax deduction (most for the rich); (2) a reduction in the 14 trillion dollar national debt; and (3) a balanced budget amendment for the U.S. government. As I said in NEWS VI, Obama could veto all three proposals.  However, I have many other problems with the thoughts of Boehner, the republicans, and the Tea Party.

First, the republicans developed most of the current national debt. This debt increased with the Reagan and Bushes supply-side/free market economy. Second, these ungodly economic systems moved U.S. manufacturing labor out of the USA and into foreign nations. This move led to increased unemployment in the USA. Third, these ungodly systems increased the 1% rich class to 2%, decreased the middle class, and increased the poor class. I conclude that the U.S. economists are not building a nation under God. Let me prove that these economists are violating the Constitution

The U.S. Constitution says, "We the People of the United  States, in order to form a more perfect Union, ..."  This statement says that the People form 'one' nation.  This statement also means that a perfect God exists and exists by necessity.  In science, a perfect God becomes a 'standard,' just as the meter bar became a 'length standard' and is held in Paris. The 'perfect standard' of God will be found only in God's Intelligent Design.

The U.S. Congress is not seeking God's Intelligent Design. Thus, it is thus acting ungodly and can make only arbitrary laws.  The proposes for change by Boehner, republicans, and the Tea Party are also  ungodly. President Obama seems to be on the right path to find the laws in God's Intelligent Design.


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