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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday,  CNN reported that over-weight in children of parents in the USA is a crime of the parents.  Thus, some U.S. leaders say that these children can be taken away from the parents by a U.S. government agency that can correct the over-weight problem.

Since over-weight is not a godly law of the human body, the saying of the U.S. leaders above is correct because all human Spirits are indivisible children of an active God. However the U.S. government is not determining the godly and ungodly laws of any God.  So, these U.S. leaders must learn and inform the U.S. Congress that the God is active.

If these leaders produce no response from the U.S. Congress, the law-making of the U.S. Congress will remain as 'arbitrary', like the Parliament law-making in England that caused the U.S. Revolutionary War. To turn the U.S. Congress away from arbitrary law-making, the People must understand the laws of an active God. Today, not too many people understand an active God.  In this website, I am teaching the acts of an active God.


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