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Monday, July 04, 2011

God's Geometry

When mathematical physicists began to rule the sciences in our colleges and universities, God was rejected and God's geometries were hidden from the believers.  But these new rulers did not realize that an infinite cause was necessary if finite things  exist. Neither mathematics nor a Big Bang theory have epxlained this cause/effect relation. So, I recommend that people put mathematics and the Big Bang down and pick up a book on geometry.

God's geometry can be found in the work of Johannes Kepler and his book on Mysterium Cosmoggraphicum, The Secret of the Universe, (Araris Books, 1981).  In this book, Kepler unifies the elliptical motion of the first six planets around the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). The five regular solids below inscribe and circomscribe these six planets so they don't interfer. Kepler calls the other three planets 'wandering bodies.'
Now, look into the evening sky. The stars make astrological signs such as the Little Dipper.  These signs move with the seasons as these planets move around the sun. Eventually, the sun will darken and all nine planets will spiral into into the sun.  However, before this ugly event occurrs, godly humans will have found a new planet on which people can live.  On the new planet, the evening signs in the sky will be very different because we live on a new planet that presents us with a new heaven through the signs of the stars.

Kepler tells us that an active God created these suns and planets so that we will live forever and never know that we died. Obviously, wars and crimes are sillyhuman events.


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