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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modern Slave Masters Have No Godly Talents

When a person uses money in order to gain more money, I conclude that this person has rejected an active God and has become a slave master. This conclusion is sound because the teachings of Jesus Christ about an active God are sound.

For example,  in Matt. 25:14, Jesus Christ describes the greater heavens that an active God made for talented humans. Jesus describes a heaven made for talented humans  'as a man traveling into a far country, who called on his own servants, and delivered onto them his goods.'

Based on the abilities of the servants, this man gave five talents to one servant; two talents to another servant; and one talent to another servant.  In time, the five talents of the first servant produced ten talents and the two talents of second servant produced four talents. But the one talent of the third servant was given to the exchangers for usury and produced no additional talents. 

Today's money systems are flawed because they cannot produce the talented humans that an active God created and expects. However, I conclude that this lack of talents can be steered onto the paths of truths by an active God.  Such adjustments are possible because all humans are reborn continually after deaths.


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