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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alternatives to an ' Inactive God' and a Son of God

A person can reject the belief of an inactive God and the belief of the 'Son of God.' If a person rejects these two beliefs, that person can consider an active God.

Below, I offer some theories that are consistent with an active God.
  1. spiritual living. 
  2. develop consciousness.
  3. life after death.
  4. equality of all people.
  5. functional relations that involve God and all created things.
  6. birth care, child care, health care, and aging care.
  7. full employment.
  8. full education.
  9. equal nations.
Below are some human behaviors that would be inconsistent with an active God.
  1. drug use.
  2. gay rights.
  3. immoral sexual activities.
  4. unemployment, unmarriage, unreasonable, etc.


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