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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life After Death Is Futuristic and Is Possible Only With An Active God

As I have said many times on this website, only an active God can give new lives to people after they die.  Under an active God today, the people of every nation must have a government that cares for its people and 'a people' that cares for its government. Such 'a people' and its government is known as a democracy. 

Accordingly, kings, queens, military leaders, theologians, rich people, economists, scientists, political parties, dictators, etc. are no longer useful in our modern nations because money and power cannot govern the future of the lives of people.  Only can knowledge of the future develop our endless futures. Continuous progress, not degeneration, is mandatory.

Democracies are not developing progress for 'the people' and its government.  In the USA, 'the people' are living on a see saw economy and its government is living on debt. It is time for the USA to determine its future.


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