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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mathematical Physicists Are Godless and Lifeless

In the U.S. today, mathematical physicists have seized control of the schools of physical science in our colleges and universities. They reject God and say that the universe will end when the heat energy becomes maximum.  One opposes these physicists with God's eternal world and our endless life.

Many scientists reject these mathematical physicists. I reject their thoughts and teach U.S. citizens and the people of other nations about the eternal world and endless life. At this time, more people are reading my teachings from the following nations:

South Korea, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, France, Sweden, Norway, Georgia, Greece, Egypt, Czech Republic, Brazil, Albania, China, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, Kenya, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, Denmark, Pakistan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Poland, Ghana, Costa Rica, Peru, Singapore, Argentine, Mongolia, Qatar, Malta, and Macedonia.


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