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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jesus Christ, Who Is Called the 'Only Son of God,' is False

Our universe, which was created by a panentheistic God, was not known first by our modern scientists.  Jesus Christ knew that many suns and planets exist and spoke of all suns and their planets in the New Testament at Matt. 5:19.  At this verse, Jesus spoke of all suns and planets and identified the 'least kingdom of heaven' and all other sun-planet system as the  'great kingdoms of heaven.'  Jesus also knew that sun-planet systems die, just as we die, and spoke of the death of our sun-planet system in Chapter 24 of Matthew.

Jesus never spoke about a 'greatest kingdom' of heaven.' Had Jesus spoke of the greatest kingdom of heaven, Jesus would believe that God lives in a sun-planet system like we do.  Accordingly, Jesus was a regular human being and will never know the panentheistic God who created the universe.  So, it is wrong for Christianity to teach that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God.

All things in the universe are finite.  In my book on, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,'  I say that all finite things originate from an infinite thing. Although finite things cannot be compared with an infinite thing, I say that an infinite God can be connected to all finite things.


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